Saturday, February 21, 2015


Hello. So for a long time tak update
Sorry. Im very happy whats happening in my life right now :)
Now 9 months im an armys
Not that army.
But Adorable Representive M.C for youth
They be my favourite family
Tanpa kira bangsa negara or what
Actually ni fandom untuk group kpop XD
Bangtan <3
Whatever lah
So for only 9 months.
What i got was MET THEM on 
13 december 2014 
and 12 december 2014
not use my parent money
semua sendiri 
Dari duit ticket to the money pocket and so on
Around 2000 T.T
its okay
Thats make me so happy 
Yeah <3
Wishlist tercapai dengan sendirinya 
Thats all :)

Mekaseh sebab baca :*